Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ohio Gospel Country Bop

Two hot gospel bop sides from Lloyd Farley. I found this record in Memphis last fall. I believe he or the label Revelators is from Columbus, Ohio though I am not certain. He could possibly be from West Virginia. Two great finger pickin sides on this ep. These records sure are hard to find. Whenever I see great looking gospel labels like this they usually turn out to be turds. This is a winner!

Rock N Roll Deacon

One of my most prized possessions that I had to let go of. This St. Louis holy grail black rocker 45 by Screamin' Joe Neal. Took me a while to track down a copy. MEGA RARE! I believe it was recorded at Premier Stuidos. Many of the other releases on the label that I have come across have been Rite pressed gospel records by various artists, one being The Bronner Brothers. Not much else to say about this masterpiece. DIG IT!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Southwest MO Trip 4/29/12

Yesterday I tagged along on a trip down to southwest MO as far as Joplin about 8 miles from the OKLA/MO border. I junked a few records making stops in Carthage, Joplin and Springfield. I picked up a few interesting platters. The most notable being Andy Wilson-My Love, My Love on BULLSEYE.....quite a good rocker! Marvin Rainwater-Tough Top Cat which is a cool novelty country rocker on WARWICK. Jeff Allen-That'll Be The Daddy, is a corny pop rocker cover of the Buddy Holly classic feat. Barney Kessel on UK RCA. The Deltones feat. The Gypsy-Bow Legged Annie, a cool black rocker in beat condition on JUBILEE. Ray Couch-Teardrop Valley is an early 60's country ballad with cool echo and tremolo drenched guitar on the RAYCO label. All and all it was a pretty good trip. Found a few other records that are for resale such as, Hawkshaw Hawkins-Car Hoppin' Mama and Jean Shepard-Jeporady. Can't wait to get back down to southwest MO! Clips to come soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ohio Country Bop From Walter Scott

This is a recent acqusition to my country bop collection. I just love this sound. This is one of the many great records on the Hamilton, Ohio Ruby label. There are several country boppers and rockabillies on this label such as: Della Hicks, Emery Blades, Stan Johnson and Hoyt Webb to name a few. Enjoy this spin, "I'm Walking Out".

Paul New & The Crew

I just picked up this rocker by Paul New & The Crew just a week ago from a friend. Another "Uncle" Buck Lipe produced single on the Belleville, Ill Marlo label. I don't know anything about this group, I think this is their only single. 

The Bad Man

I found this Ike & Tina Turner produced record earlier this month in a small junk shop in Muskogee, Okla while on tour. I normally wouldn't buy a record like this, but I did since it is Ike Turner involved. I cued this one up and I was surprised. This is a great early 60's rhythm n blues track. 

Bobcat: A Twin Guitar Instro!

Here's the first record I've seen on Trophy besides Bill Taylor & The Cyclones. This cut called "Bobcat" is a fantastic twin guitar western swing instrumental. It is fantastic and it really reminds of Jimmy Rivers & The Cherokees. Take it for a spin!